Minus 9 to 5

A New Formula for Hampton Roads' Youngest Residents

From the time a mother finds out she is pregnant through the child's fifth birthday, there are many excellent services and programs that serve nearly 75,000 children and families throughout Hampton Roads. Unfortunately, access to these programs and services, and the information provided, is not uniform across all demographics. Not all of the hospitals, clinics, providers, and community services set up to help mothers, babies, and families provide the same health care or health information.

Minus 9 to 5 is a network of multi-disciplinary providers, hospitals, clinics, and advocates committed to creating an impact. Our mission is to identify and bridge the gaps in our current system, to fill holes where necessary, and to expand services to all families in need of reliable prenatal and postpartum health care.

On this site you will find out more about what challenges we face collectively, partnering groups committed to creating uniformed health care, and programs established to help mother, babies, and families.

Minus 9 To 5 Staff

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