Our Structure

Minus 9 to 5 has several interconnected parts working at the same time. More than 100 Hampton Roads experts from diverse organizations are involved in creating an exceptional early care and education system for our region’s youngest residents and their families.

Graphic showing the leadership structure of EVMs Minus 9 to 5. The content is described in detail below.

The Steering Committee sets the strategic direction and goals of the initiative, makes key decisions, gives feedback, prioritizes and implements ideas originating in the Working Groups.

The Executive Committee is a subset of the Steering Committee and provides strategic and operational oversight to the Backbone staff and the overall initiative.

Six Working Groups have from 15 to 20 stakeholders who develop and implement concrete ideas and action plans related to their strategy areas. Each group has two co-chairs who ensure information flow to the Steering Committee.

The Leadership Council serves as champion and advocate for the initiative, helping to ensure that strategies and ideas receive political support, resources and public backing.

The Backbone coordinates the initiative through two staff members who manage interactions among the council, committees and working groups.