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Kristen Carter, MSEd

Kristen Carter

Kristen Carter, MSEd, serves as Minus 9 to 5, Ready Region Southeastern’s Early Childhood Access Manager. Prior to working at EVMS, Ms. Carter was Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Harbor, Vice President of Early Childhood Education for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, and Child Development Services Division Head at Naval Station Norfolk. In her current position, Kristen partners with VDOE, VECF, and UVA to promote, advocate for, strengthen and improve the quality of early childhood education activities and experiences for young children, their teachers, and their families. Kristen earned a BA in English from Sweet Briar College and also studied at Saint Anne’s College, Oxford University, England. Continuing her formal education, Kristen attended Kansas State University studying Human Development and Family Studies and earned an MSEd, Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Old Dominion University. Kristen is proud to help lead the Unified Virginia Quality Birth to Five System (VQB5) at the local level. She passionately believes that all children should have access to quality teaching and learning experiences that meet their unique needs, that early childhood teachers should have a variety of resources and supports to guide and strengthen their work, and that family voice and choice of ECCE programs is paramount.