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Minus 9 to 5 needs you!

Collective impact is a community-led process. This means we need all kinds of people to get involved and work to make our region a better place for young children and their families. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, family member, early childhood professional, someone who works with children and families, a business leader, or community activist, we need early childhood champions like you!


Are you interested in learning more about your child’s development? Do you want to share your perspectives on raising young children today? We have opportunities for parents to join our working groups and help create solutions to challenges many parents and grandparents face today. You can find links to resources and other services throughout our community on this site.
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Early Childhood Colleagues and Partners

Are you interested in joining one of our working groups? Join forces with your colleagues across the region to help ensure that all families in our community have access to the programs and services they need to raise their children. Whether you work with families from conception or on the way to kindergarten, we welcome your expertise.
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We welcome early childhood champions of all kinds. If you are interested in learning more about Minus 9 to 5, or ways that you can support our work, let us know.
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